LaRon Dendy

Positions: Center
Height: 205.0 cm
Weight: 105.0 kg
Born: 1988
Team: K Sokoly
Nationality: USA
Ppg: 12.2
Rpg: 9.4
Apg: 2.4
Spg: 1.2
3p%: 57.10 %
2p%: 52.90 %

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Scouting Reports

- Experienced center with nice length
- Athletic, with nice leaping ability
- Plays above the rim
- Can play the Pick and Roll at a very good level
- Sets good screens and rolls hard to the basket
- Runs well the floor
- Can Post Up at a good level
- Tremendous rebounder on both ends of the floor
- Rim protector with nice timing


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