Gary Talton

Positions: Point Guard
Height: 185.0 cm
Weight: 74.0 kg
Born: 1990
Team: Pitesti
Nationality: USA
Ppg: 9.1
Rpg: 2.8
Apg: 4.2
Spg: 1.0
3p%: 25.90 %
2p%: 40.50 %

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Scouting Reports

- Pass-first point guard, with a great feel for the game
- High basketball I.Q, always knows what to do on the floor
- Makes his teammates happy and is aware of their needs while on the floor
- Excellent in Pick and Roll situations
- Has a quick first step that helps him in Isolation situations
- Attacks the paint and finishes at a very good level at the rim
- Efficient player, with a nice assist/turnover ratio
- Good shooter off the dribble
- Persistent defender on and off the ball
- Great lateral quickness and active hands helps him make steals


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